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We offer professional and affordable Brock's Barndominiums solutions for both homes and businesses throughout your area. We offer both Barndominiums installation and cabin repair, including emergency service. With years of experience, you can rely on us to provide the best quality work at affordable prices. We offer many different Barndominiums options to fit your individual needs, style and budget, and offer free on-site estimates.

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We Offer a Variety of Barndominiums

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Barndominiums' Sizes

60x28 | 28x30 | 32x28 | 24x36 | 30x50 | 22x30 | 30x24 | 26x30
24x36 | 24x36 | 24x38 | 24x30 | 18x22

Barndominiums' Pricing

60X28 1680 sq/ft $117,600 | 32x28 896 sq/ft $62,720 | 30x20 600 sq/ft $42,000
30x501500 sq/ft $105,000 | 24x38 912 sq/ft $73,840 | 24x36 864 sq/ft 60,400
28x30 840 sq/ft $60,480 | 26x30 780 sq/ft $54,600 | 30x24 720 sq/ft $50,400
24x30 720 sq/ft $50,400 | 22x30 660 sq/ft $46,200 | 18x22 396 sq/ft $27,720

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"Our new Barndominium looks great and was installed quickly. My backyard is totally transformed and the price was just right! "

- Adam B.

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