Hogsback Ranch

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Hogsback Ranch

Nathan & Cathy Wininger
927 W.River Road
Mosinee,WI 54455



We are located in Taylor County, Wisconsin, near the city of Gilman. Our family owned and operated ranch has been breeding quality whitetails since 2000. Hogsback Ranch's breeding and artifical insemination operation moved to it's current location in April of 2005. Our hunting preserve specializes in providing quality, trophy whitetail hunting opportunities with fully-guided, all-inclusive hunts.

At Hogsback Ranch, we take great pride in providing our customers with world class genetics. We offer does, fawns, breeder bucks and semen for sale throughout the breeding season.

The name Hogsback Ranch comes from a land feature on the ranch that has been called the Hogsback ever since we can remember. A "hogsback" is a ridge of land having steep slopes at the sides and a sharp crest. Yes, it is a real word!

Hogsback Ranch 2011 Promo

This video was done for the sole purpose of turning on deer hunters. All trail cam photos and trophy shots used in production on this promo are the property of Hogsback Ranch LLC. For a better viewing experience press play and then immediately press pause until bar finishes buffering completely. Song: The Who "Baby O'Riley" Album - Who's Next (no copyright infringement intended all acknowledgements to The Who and Olympic Studios 1971)