Valley View Whitetails

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Valley View Whitetails

Mailing Address:
Valley View Whitetails
PO Box 6014
Live Oak, FL 32064


Ohio Physical address:
Valley View Whitetails
6762 Township Road 163
West Liberty, OH 43357

Florida Physical address:
Valley View Whitetails
10799 68th Terrace
Live Oak, FL 32060

*Questions, Please Call:
Don Wainwright: 386-623-0203
Office 386-330-2820

Do you operate on a hectic schedule and spend endless days and dollars pursuing that elusive trophy whitetail? Do the properties you lease or pay outfitters to hunt on even hold trophy deer? Make the most of your time on stand by hunting where a big buck actually roams! Valley View Whitetails is a private hunting preserve located in West Central Ohio. It has a combination of rolling hills, mature timber and agriculture. We enjoy a private herd of whitetail's that thrive on this property. They reach maximum antler growth and body size with many in excess of 180"

Since this is a private herd owned by Valley View Whitetail we are able to set our season as desired. This means as long as they are rubbed out and still holding on to their horns, we can hunt them. We pay a seasonal fee to the State of Ohio that blankets non-residents from needing an Ohio hunting license when hunting with us.

Note: Ohio residents are required to have an Ohio license to hunt with us.